Voultar’s latest video shows his recommendation for a starter soldier station. I happened to be in the market for one of those and the KSGER T12 he highlights is only $49,99.

After looking up the product on AliExpress I came across quite a few variants, even cheaper than fifty bucks. Looking at the screenshots, not all of them would get Voultar’s seal of approval, though. I went with the product linked below the video (Voular’s affiliate link) eventually.

Here’s what I mean. The first screenshot is from the KSGER T12 listed on Banggood. The second and third are from similar products on AliExpress. See the difference?

Recommended: KSGER T12 recommended by Voultar

Alternatives: Quite similar KSGER T12 Sketchy KSGER T12

Boy 🛸 @boyvanamstel