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To move your Time Machine backup, use Disk Utility

Time Machine is a great way to store incremental backups of your Mac. It’s pretty efficient too, using only a relatively small amount of disk space. Still, there are reasons to switch your Time Machine backup to another drive. Maybe your disk is showing signs of failure, or it’s simply running out of space. Moving your backup is not as easy as it seems though.

How to manage eye strain

As someone who writes software for a living, enjoys reading, playing video games and watching tv series, eye strain is something that I have to actively manage to avoid sore eyes, dizziness, headaches and feeling tired.

For me, the exercises that are described in some of the other answers aren’t sufficient. These are some of the things that I do that aide me in all but overcoming the issue.

BeOS survived and is now called Haiku

In a time where I created boot floppy disks and compiled kernels to get my Sound Blaster 16 to work, BeOS was a new operating system.

It looked slick and promised much lets compiling and more productivity from your computer. Plus it had this awesome 3D teapot. Just look at it. Irresistible.

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Mutes internal speakers

Relax automatically mutes your internal speakers and pauses music apps when you disconnect headphones.

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