My Office Setup

I changed my workspace at home a few weeks ago. Instead of a dedicated room, I now have a closet to work in.

That’s right: I fit my entire office inside of a cabinet. This includes a monitor, desktop computer, laptop, three game consoles with peripherals and a bunch of binders.

A side-by-side picture of my office inside of a cabinet, doors closed on the left, open on the right

It made me think about where else I work on my apps. Currently there are three major workplaces that I alternate between: my closet, a desk at Blendle and random Croissant affiliated coworking places1.

Working from home

This is my default. I usually wake up and get started straight away at my office-in-a-closet. It’s where I’m most comfortable and get a lot done.

The downsides are a lack of social interaction and fresh air. I really need to force myself to get out of the house at least once a day. Camping inside feels incredibly unhealthy. Grocery shopping is a great excuse to spend time outdoors.

I’m still getting used to the current situation. Ergonomically it’s a significant step down from the separate room with a standing desk I had before.

My desk at a previous employer’s office

It’s a bit unusual, but I ended up with a desk at a place I used to work.

I enjoy the atmosphere, talking to my old colleagues, discussing the product they work on, helping out if I can. It gives me a sense of cohesion and collaboration, even though we work on different projects.

The sense of belonging does get less with time passing and it’s becoming harder to invest myself in the problems they encounter to provide helpful insights. This might not be something that lasts forever.


I’m a fan of the various coworking locations that are available in the major cities in the Netherlands.

Croissant makes it easy to access a whole bunch of them without having to pay for each visit. My buddy Niels and I usually pick a spot in either Amsterdam or Utrecht to work from together. It’s wonderful.

The right location and audience is vital for productivity though. I’ve had times where somebody would be making phone calls continuously, or a venue that looked good on paper ending up being a total disappointment.

There are a few places that are mostly excellent.


It took me a while to figure out which environment works best for me. Taking into account cost, space required, productivity and social interaction, my present setup is very efficient.

In the early days of my company I rented an office. In hindsight this was a luxury; comfortable sure, but overkill and mostly yet another place to store stuff.

I’ve also shared a space with co-founders and a couple of other people. It’s alright and resembles being at a ‘regular workplace’. The main takeaway is that there will be annoyances and paperwork. Avoid being the main tenant.

Like I said: I enjoy working from home the best. Some people struggle with distractions, I embrace it. Building my own apps grants me a lot of freedom around deadlines and office hours. Being able to watch a TV show, play a video game, take a stroll or go bouldering when ‘I am not feeling it’ or just to clear my head is crucial to my mental health.

If you want to discuss or comment on this, let me know on Twitter. I’d love to hear about your experiences.

  1. Full disclosure: Contains an affiliate link for Croissant. Using it is much appreciated. 

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