I took our camper van out for a night in the woods this weekend. This sounds much more exiting than it is in the Netherlands. Imagine a simple campsite near a forested area. 🌲

Perfect to spend some time reading or take a walk play some Super Smash during the day, excellent for some scary movies at night.

The Clovehitch Killer (2018) 👍

The Clovehitch Killer film poster, it shows a masked man standing in a room

This one was on my list for a while. It’s a great take on the ‘could this family member be a serial killer??’-trope. Not too many surprises, but fun to watch.

It’s a bit slow at times, but the intensity of some of the scenes easily makes up for this. They didn’t shy away from using some pretty graphic topics and convincing mind games played by the main suspect.

Us (2019) 👎

Us film poster, it shows the face of a woman with a mask that looks exactly like her in front of her face

There was a lot of excitement around this one. It set me up with high expectations that it didn’t really live up to. I liked the cast and acting a great deal. The doppelgänger slasher angle sounded cool.

The back story (that I won’t spoil) just didn’t resonate much with me. I enjoyed the soundtrack by the way, but how it tied into the scenes was a bit of a stretch at times.

Silver Bullet (1985) 👍

Silver Bullet film poster, it shows a vague wooded area with a full moon shining through the trees

An absolute classic. The last time I saw it was ages ago. I remembered all the plot points, but the details had become fuzzy somewhat. I waited until it was dark before turning it on.

I love everything about this movie: it has werewolves, a great cast, it’s made in the 80s (although the story is set in ‘76) and it’s written by Stephen King.

This was the first time where I identified more with Uncle Red than with Marty, played by Corey Haim. I never noticed how hesitant Red and Marty’s sister Jane were to get onboard with the story of a werewolf killing people left and right.

Knowing who the werewolf is opens up a lot of subtext you might not notice on a first watch.

Dark Was the Night (2014) 👍

Dark Was the Night film poster, it shows the face of the main character on the left, the roots of a tree on the right and a man running underneath

This movie from 2014 was new to me. It follows a small town as it deals with an unknown entity that terrorizes its residents.

The mood throughout the film is heavy. Mostly because of the heavy emotional circomstances the main character is dealing with. It felt authentic and I was very curious where the story would go.

It’s a bit slow at times and the ending isn’t as deep as the rest of the movie, but it’s well worth seeing.

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