The Timeless Beta release was covered by and mentioned on Jamie McHale’s 🥳

It’s hard to describe how good this kind of coverage feels. You can enjoy using an app you’ve built, but only when it reaches other people do you experience a sense of accomplishment.

The extra attention has increased downloads by a lot, which is good. I also got some more feedback, which is great.

At some point I will need to implement a form of monetization though. With most other apps it feels natural to lock some features behind an in-app purchase, or limit use after a set period of time.

Timeless tries to alter your behavior, limiting features might stop that from happening, reducing the chance of someone actually purchasing the app to zero.

On the other hand, making the app paid-upfront prevents someone from experiencing first hand the sense of freedom the app promotes. I would have to sell the app purely on its story and experiences from others. That’s tough.

I’m leaning towards pro features with an in-app purchase. I could add advanced scheduling, make the clock that appears when idle a paid option, allow more fine grained segment control with the pro package. If you have suggestions, I’m all ears.

Boy 🛸 @boyvanamstel